April Birthdays

Anita Lott—1

Frank Ford—1

Andrew Baker—1  

Ken Smith –1

Pat Wilkes—2

Todd Smith—3
Jimmy Harris—5
Mary Ruth Pridmore—9
Andy Cooper—10
Barbara Smith—11
Lud Pierce—12
James Wilson—12
Gary Herring—17
Tristan Tate—19
Waylon Lindsay—20
Dave Smith—21
John Goodnow—21
Dawson Lindsay—22
Rev. Lisa Pridmore—22
Kenneth Carrick –23
Eric Pridmore—24
Glen Ford—25
Emma Dearman—27
…In your book were written all the days that were formed for me,when none of them as yet existed.
Psalm 139:16

Dennis and Barbara Redman—23

…and the two shall become one flesh… Mark 10:8